Digital Communication
  • MBC
Innovative First Mover by Service Differentiation Strategy

With rapid changes in the digital environment, content circulation paradigm shifted from provider-centred to consumer-centred, and accordingly consumer needs become specified and diversified.

To respond to the fast changing paradigm as well as to be first mover in the industry, based on its competitiveness of contents, MBC approached us for a comprehensive consultation service on strategic planning and design of IP based broadcast in N-Screen environment.

After observing it's customers, we noticed that most customers use their smart devices to watch TV, search online and to do SNS. From this observation, we were able to draw out the service concept of "Watching, Talking, and Sharing". We planned an User Interface where the user can easily access the function of their choice, through the development of "Modular System", where the main function is separated to the Module unit and applied to the interface. Also,"Big Head Content" strategy was established for service innovation.

Within three days of launching, Pooq Service became number one of the iPhone, iPad App Store downloads, and was chosen number one in the “best free application” by Apple in the commemoration of 25 billion downloads, and chosen as the “best free application” of 2012. MBC caught the customer’s needs in the fast paced digital environment and provided distinguished IPTV service, which allowed them to take position as the Innovative First mover in the industry.