Brand Communication
  • Hyundai Card / Hyundai Capital
Feel and Experience the New Financial Lifestyle.

Finance-shop is a retail space where customers can experience Hyundai Capital’s corporate image/brand and financial products.

Hyundai Capital intended to create a new type of brochure and corporate package that express the identity and services provided by the finance-shop and to deliver its welcome message to the customers.

An integrated brochure that expresses the identity of the finance-shop as a complex financial space, product information as well as the characteristics of the blue-concept and black-concept finance-shop has been produced. For the customers, a welcome package in the form of a tin can was created that consists of booklets on Hyundai Capital and the finance-shop, notebooks, and color pencils. The tin can welcome packages were designed according to the different products: Class Auto (car lease), Prime Loan, Prime Mortgage, and Hyundai Cards.

By producing an integrated brochure and a welcome package, we were able to effectively express the brand identity of Hyundai Card Hyundai Capital, provide a coherent impression and finance-shop identity, as well as new experience for visiting and purchasing customers.