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  • Samsung Electronics
Global Top Tier B2B Marketing Platform

The evolution of digital technology enabled business market to raise the market maturity and thus to specify the needs of its customers. To cope with this trend, companies are required to shift their strategy from product sale-centered mind to optimal solution providers to customers needs.

Samsung Electronics installed a strategy for strengthening its capability and set up B2B, based on matured brand reliability.

As a trusted partner, we were to establish an improved user experience, and have integrated the dispersed B2B sites into unified platform.

After expanding to 66 sites across 59 countries, the traffic volume increased maximum of 5 times as much in each country, and also the number of download of Marketing Collateral per each country was skyrocketed. And so, Samsung Electronics will keep the growth continuing as a global leading company through incessant pioneering into business market based on Online Market Platform: