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  • Hyundai Motor Company
Making a Fan based upon Modern Premium

Corporate marketing strategy is rapidly shifting from conventional media to digital marketing. Utilization of media such as web, SNS and N-Screen has increased to a huge degree, and through technological evolution such as big data analysis, even analysis for elaborate consumer targeting and information delivery are on the drawing board.

In order to meet the need of rapidly changing market, Hyundai Motor Company necessitated a new digital market strategy, and based on 'Modern Premium' philosophy, Hyundai Motor Company commenced the project, targeting on securing more of it's fans through digital marketing strategy.

Through analytical research on emerging technology, technology that can be applied effectively to digital marketing strategy has been selected, after thorough assessment of successful cases, key success factors have been drawn out.

Based on the value of Modern Premium and key factors, a digital marketing idea with a new technology was elicited. Through incorporation of business with creative idea based on brand strategy and new technology, new marketing strategy was established to direct Hyundai Motor Company's digital marketing strategy and execution down the track.