Brand Communication
  • KB Kookmin Card
Integrated Brand Identity through All Touch Point that Users Meet Brand

Distinguished brand identity is pivotal to give a long lasting impression to customers in the fast-paced market environment. KB Kookmin card was in need for a unique identity establishment and expansion through a coherent brand communication in the various communication channels. We commenced the project with a goal to establish a guideline and a visual system based on KB Kookmin Card’s brand strategy.

After analyzing the communication needs in the customer’s view point and drawing out the Key Design spectrum of ‘service and experience,’ ‘information and understanding,’ and ‘standard and expansion,’ a new communication theme of ‘kind, visible and warm’ KB Koomin Card has been selected. Through renewing 15 major marketing tools, a visual system from 3 major communication factors, ‘Format, Contents, Emotions,’ has been established. Moreover, in order to manage and expand the bran identity, a guidebook was produced and distributed for better brand understanding, and a standard point was made for work progress with external partners.

KB Kookmin Card and FRUM have a Retain partnership and with the establishment of a new visual identity through design solution and communication strategy in brand positioning view point. Through this establishment, we hold a strong stance as loved financial partners.