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Hyundai Motor Company Global Production Network & History at a Glance

The Hyundai Motor Company, after completion of the global production system in 2012, thought it necessary to expand the domestic-focused network system for production promotion to globalized promotion channel, and the installation of a separate website was necessitated for the enhancement of the time-honored corporate brand image.

In order to ramp up the online promotional role of Hyundai Motor Company's tour program which attracted approx. 200,000 visitors per annum, and to enhance the time-honoured brand image, new contents have been produced which makes it possible to collate the existing data including the chronicle of the Hyundai Motor Company, the introduction of overseas major production factory. Furthermore, it was planned and designed to facilitate synchronizations where content updates across different platforms such as websites, smartphones and tablet PCs is easy and straightforward .

Consistency of experience transfer made possible through systematic interrelation of online contents and offline tour experience, and based on better screen arrangement and process design, accessibility of website was ameliorated through improved usability and simplified layout of menu and intuitive labeling.

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