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Small and Medium-sized Hospital Service Design Guideline

To survive In a fiercely competitive medial market, small and medium-sized hospitals which comprise the backbones of medical service system, the issue of practical solution that makes them more competitive by utilising and highlighting their strong points, has emerged.

In response to this we have developed a practical guideline for service design to vitalize small and medium-sized hospitals in collaboration with RI Co., Ltd, a color design institute and Bestian Medial Group Co., Ltd, as a part of the design technology development program of 2012 funded by MOTIE (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy). Our guideline is divided into 3 areas; ‘branding service’ for reinforcing a friendly and differentiated identity of small and medium-sized hospitals and their medical services, and ‘environmental service’ for satisfying security and convenience and contributing to the physical and psychological healing of patients, ‘Wayfinding service’ for reducing errors in finding ways to visit hospital by posting signboards indoors and outdoors, and ‘communication service.’ It aims to improve the experience of patients and to provide a standard map of service design with templates which value practical usability in the small and medium-sized hospitals.
In the course of implementing this program, ‘Service Design Seminar for boosting small and medium specialized hospitals' was hosted, in which the ‘service design' of the medical industry was addressed in depth with diverse approaches. The guideline developed by FRUM is recognized as one of the best cases of service design in the domestic medical industry, and is referred consistently and adopted by the medical and design communities.

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