Digital Communication
  • Hyundai Motor Group
Together for a better future

Hyundai Motor Group thought it necessary to respond promptly to stay current in the change of online environment such as the exponential growth of SNS users. In doing so, we have initiated new online communication strategy based upon brand journalism, and stepped further to build up and integrate 10 official online channels including the renewal of Group official website, it's blogs and SNS channels.

For user friendly communication, HARMONY concept was chosen, and also, by transforming promotion blogs into a social hub we were able to build a unified online communication system linked up with varied SNS channels. Moreover, to promote the participation of users, diversified social campaign has been comprehensively planned and operated.

As a result, we have amazingly achieved growth as much as 33 times in 6 months in the first quarter of 2014 through the effective strategy and stabilised operation of 10 official online communication channels.