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Digital Communication
  • KIA Motors
KIA Global Network, History & Brand at a Glance

Kia Motors was in need of salient identity as a global enterprise in celebration of its 70th anniversary. For efficient communication with customers, we undertook a project with a view to an independent promotional site for corporate culture and creation of brand contents.

In an effort to enhance the profile of its image which symbolised young and dynamic entity, the strategy of website and contents was established for the communication transcending all ages in regard to the Kia Motors' status and vision of the past, present and future, and the key concept was based on the brand essence "A Different Beat".

Not only restricted to domestic operation, all encompassing contents were developed to highlight the activities of worldwide network of factory, dealership and R&D centers, etc. The PR films was instrumental in heightening Kia Motor's brand image with the vivid and vibrant scene on sites of production lines from its incipient time in the past to nowadays.