Digital Communication
  • Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Communication, Collaboration & Management. cocoma

Collaboration across various areas of specialty is becoming more important day by day, and many organizations are adopting collaboration support systems. However, existing working systems specifically targeted for selected professional fields have not yielded a broader range of benefits.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy, we developed a smart design working system allowing designers to work with colleagues of other specialty with uninhibited creativity. The key concept of Communication, Collaboration and Management is where the name 'cocoma' is derived from.

To facilitate the user-centric UX design, collaboration support for designers and other specialists as the core objective 5 key functions were designed; a WYSIWYG based Kanban board format adopted to organize processes & priorities, image annotation for visual communication, intuitive image & file version management function, previous project template function to develop methodologies upon success cases, and visual analysis of project progress for efficient project management. Easy correction of information input, short keys and helpful tips functions were added for better usability.

A HTML5 web socket based development to accomodate a large number of users was opted which also allows content changes to be reflected on a realtime basis. FRUM continues to develop features & improvements to foster synergy among designers & other specialists.